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After a week in Vancouver, we decided to head out into the wilderness and see British Columbia in all its glory. So we hired a lovely car from Hertz Car Rentals and set out for Whistler, the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The drive across the Lions Gate Bridge and the up the coast was really enjoyable.  Smooth roads and little traffic made it and easy ride for the 100 mile journey to Whistler.  Along the way, a black bear decided to amble across the road in front of us and we managed to capture this picture.

Whistler is a popular visit for people who want to enjoy both winter and summer sports.  Unfortunately this meant the place was full of young energetic people with too much money to spend.  Accordingly, the party started around 8.00 o'clock and went on until 2.00 in the morning.  Not a great place for getting a good night's sleep.  Still we stayed for 2 nights so that we could participate in the famous Cross-Peek ride up the mountain.  This involved going up a cable car to one mountain peek and then crossing to the next by cable and then descending back to Whistler by chair lift.  We enjoyed the view so much we crossed the peeks 3 times.  Here are some scenes from around the resort.

Our trip up the mountain and between the peaks.  The resorts on both peaks were well appointed and we enjoyed a nice hot meal during our excursion.

As we crossed the peaks and looked down, the tiny black dot you can see in the middle of the track is a black bear

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Stanley Park
University of British Columbia
Down Town, Gas Town and China Town
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