Rattle Snake Crossing

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Taking a leisurely trip out and about in BC brought us via Kamloops to a little known place called Rattle Snake Crossing.  The name of the place came from the fact that this was an official 'protected' area where rattle snakes could cross the road.  This was where we met Mr Matt Sandvoss amidst his very own Wild Western Town.  Matt Sandvoss is a Wild West enthusiast and an expert in the culture and its history.  As such, he decided to buy a barren piece of land in the middle of the Trans-Canada Highway, Walhachin, Canada.  He then set about creating his own Western style town complete with saloon, train station and Dry Goods store.  You can see Rattle Snake Crossing here on Google Maps but for a closer look, join us on our visit as we were shown around the town by Matt himself.  If you are ever in the area, why not call by and have a chat, because like all Canadians, he is a perfectly sociable fellow, well worth the visit.

For a better view of the Town, you can watch a short film made by Matt and his friends called


Our sincere thanks to Matt for taking the time to show us around his town.  It was a great day out.


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