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Our next excursion in Vancouver took us out a little closer to home at the Queen Elizabeth Park just north of the Oak Ridge Centre.  The Park is a beautiful wooded and grassed area right in the middle of the Oak Ridge Conurbation. 

Making our way up to the Park, we were accosted by a Cameraman and a Reporter from Global News.  The reporter introduced himself as Mike McCardell and said he was doing a piece of local news regarding the use of new tunes being used by Ice Cream Vans.  Of course any sane Canadian had skipped right along refusing to speak - but we were on holiday so what the hell - lets have a go.  During our interview on camera, an Ice Cream Van was sitting to the side and constantly playing it's tune.  Mike asked me if I could hum the tune that was playing - of course I could !.  So next I'm Da Di Da'ing along with the tune just to prove my musical talents.  He then asked me what the tune was and apart from recognising a southern tune I couldn't name it.  Apparently it was Turkey in the Rye by Scott Joplin.  Anyway, later that day, our piece was on TV in Vancouver but unfortunately we missed it.  I later found it on the internet News Hour Repetitive Audio Stress.  Unfortunately the video clip is no longer available to view and I couldn't download it so there goes my 3 minutes of fame.

But it was fun ! Thanks a lot Mike


Now as we entered the park we were faced with a steep hill that took us to the top where a futuristic visitor centre called the 'BLOEOEL Conservatory' occupied an impressive plaza.

This space age building was created to maintain a greenhouse environment to suit sub-tropical plants, animals and birds, and the whole place was filled with fantastic examples which flew and wandered around oblivious to us human visitors.

Coming out of the Conservatory, we found ourselves at the top of a sizeable hill which contained a large crater.  It soon became apparent that the park was built on an extinct volcano and the crater was the original caldera (or place where the molten rock would have erupted.

The views from the top of the park were beautiful and impressive with the whole of Vancouver laid out before us. 
But inside the crater was magnificent due to the beautiful landscape gardening that had transformed it into a tranquil garden.

After the park, we popped down to Oak Ridge Shopping Mall, had a coffee and then caught the bus back home.

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