Granville Island

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Another day and we decided to try out the public transport once again to find our way up to Granville Island.  Entrance to the Island was underneath an elevated roadway that passed directly over the Island and the bay up to the Down Town Area.

Our visit to the Island coincided with Victoria Day (a bank holiday weekend) which meant they had performers of all kinds on every street corner to entertain the masses of people who were also visiting the island.  One of the main attractions was a massive indoor market, which offered all manner of food and drink to satisfy just about any pallet.

Outside the market we sat to listen to a singer/guitarist who said he was related to Leonard Cohen.  He sounded exactly like Leonard and he played and sang exquisitely.  It was a pleasure to relax in the sunshine and just listen to him

Walking further around the island, we found a piper in full dress uniform and some fabulous art work.

It also seemed that Granville Island was the industrial centre for the production of concrete.  The owners had grown rich providing the basic materials that had built the city of Vancouver and its environs.


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