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Our first outing took us by public transport past China Town, Gas Town and Down Town up to Stanley Park at the North-West corner of Vancouver City.  The North-west area had originally been a dumping ground for spoil from the coal and cement industries.  However, the Canadians in their own inimitable way, transformed an unsightly dump into a beautiful public park, gardens, woodland and museum.  The Park (see above) is mainly woodland, which is probably quite recognisable to anyone who has watched films and series such as Stargate, Battle Star Galactica, Tron and many others.  Here are a few of the scenes from Stanley Park.

One of the strangest things we encountered on our day out was a couple on the beach 'balancing stones'.
Yes they were picking stones (and even bricks) from the beach and then finding the ideal balance point to up-end each stone on-top of others.  They used no cement or any kind of support material but they managed to balance rocks on top of rocks, on top of other rocks.  What was most impressive was the fact that the balanced rocks managed to stay in place despite the presence of wind and ocean spray.

The following day we visited the First Nations museum tucked away amongst the trees and parks of the east side.  The museum is dedicated to the original inhabitants if British Columbia and included an impressive array of  their art and heritage.  

Moving up the eastern seawall and then back to the bus terminus we encountered more sights.  Including a horse drawn tram taking visitors around the park, and some beautiful gardens with monuments to the fallen heroes of World War II

The statue of the Girl in the Wetsuit is quite clearly a homage to the 'Little mermaid' in Copenhagen (taken 2007),
but despite any attempt at plagiarism, it still looked very good. 
Here are the 'little mermaid' and the 'Girl in the Wetsuit' to compare.


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Stanley Park
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