Marla's 1st Birthday


Naming Day Ceremony

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On Sunday 25th May 2014 Family and Friends came together to welcome Marla into the Family and to recognise her name.  The proceedings started with the music from the Lion King when the Wise old Baboon carried the baby lion into the pride and introduces him by name.  In our case Grandad Taylor carried Marla around the room, much to her giggles and excitement and then introduced her to the family and friends gathered there.  He explained that in history, Greeks and Romans used the naming of an individual in order to recognise them, at which point they became officially members of the family.  This was the aim of the ceremony and also to introduce her to her 'guide parents' who would help to guide and protect her throughout her life.

Here is Marla before we set out, all dressed up and ready for anything.


Both Simon and Joanne made short speeches, then Grandad Stephen read out a poem - Children Learn What They Live By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D. and reflected that good parenting was the key to bringing up a happy healthy child.  After this Stuart, Jo and Naomi took to the floor to make a promise to Marla to care for her and guide her in life as mentors and friends.


Naomi then blew everyone away by reciting a poem that she had written especially for the occasion.

Dear Marla my darling girl
If you want me I will be there

To enjoy happy times or help in despair
I will protect you whilst you are small
But as you grow I must let you fall
I'll help you and guide you my whole life long
And provide you life's tools for when I am gone
As you stretch your wings and learn how to fly
My heart will soar as you take to the sky
If ever you need me just call and say
I promise to be there, night or day
On your Naming day I pledge you this
To love and support you, with one small kiss


We all welled up at this point but then Grandad Stephen brought the Ceremony to a close by lifting up Marla and declaring to all present,
"I give you Marla Lindsey Taylor Trigwell"

Of course that wasn't the end because we then tucked into sandwiches and cakes before we officially cut Marla's birthday cake, which had been made and decorated by Abraham at the Alice Bye Court Care Home.

Then kids and parents had a great time chatting, playing, eating and drinking before it was time to go home.   One of the most entertaining features was Joanne's introduction of a Pinata.  Starting from the smallest, everyone had a bash at getting the sweeties to fall out of the donkey whilst others played in the ball pool or just generally had a great time doing what babies do (mainly drooling !!).

And what day out could possibly be complete without some Family photos

Thanks to everyone who came to make this a special day for Marla.


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