The Olympic Torch in Grantham

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As a lead up to the 2012 UK Olympics, candidates identified for their outstanding achievements  were chosen to carry the Olympic Flame on one of the 8000 legs throughout the British Isles.  This means that almost everyone has had the chance to participate even in a small way in the build up to the main event.  We are lucky enough to own a house just off the Olympic Flame route and so we took the opportunity to stand as a part of the crowd to cheer on the Flame Bearer.

Andrew Baumohl
raises money for Charity by participating in Triathlon events.  He was the lucky Torch Bearer  to carry the first leg through Grantham.  Here he is at the start of his run waiting for the Olympic Flame to arrive from Belton House.


Finally the convoy arrives and he receives the flame from a specially enclosed flame carrier, as the previous leg had been completely washed out by 4 thunder storms that had made their way past Grantham and on to the North and East.

With his torch alight, Andrew sets off on his solitary run that will record his name in history for the 2012 UK Olympics. 
Something to tell your Grandkids.


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