Germany Tour 2011

This is the route we took starting from Dover and a ferry trip to Calais. 

Day One, in red, took us along the French coast into Belgium where we made our first fuel stop.
Then off to Antwerp where we followed the ring road through and on to Germany.  Two fuel stops later and we approached Soest.

Day Two, in green, took us from Soest, via the Möhne Dam down to Klotten.  However, our journey was disrupted by the fact that
the German Police had closed all of the bridges across the River Mosel to allow a cycle race to take place on the far side.
As a result, we had to sit and wait for 2 hours in a pleasant little village called Treis.
At 7.00 pm when they finally allowed us to cross and get to the Hotel Zur Poste where dinner and hot showers awaited.

Day Three was a local ride-out up the river to visit Bernkastel - a beautiful old German town.

Day Four was a day off when Lynne and I enjoyed a cruise on the river up to Beilstein.

Day Five was another ride-out this time to Nürburgring.  Unfortunately the weather was foul and the ring was closed.

Day Six, in yellow, was our return to Yepres in Belgium where we spent the very comfortable night in the 5 star hotel Ariane.

Day Seven, in blue, was our return to Calais, Dover and the traffic jams of UK.

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