Our Early Years

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So here we are rummaging through the cupboards and finding a pile of old photos and news clippings dating back to our childhood and schooldays. So what could we do but scan and share.
First a group at the beach.  This from left to right Derek and Doris Gozzard with Kath and Ron (don't know their last name).

Our second photo is Lynne's grandmother Edra Gozzard (nee Fitch). She later remarried her brother-in-law Frank Dewel after the death of her husband Alfred Gozzard.
In fact, Derek Gozzard was named Alfred Derek so he used his middle name to differentiate himself from his father.

We then move to Lynne's early years.  The first photo (below) is her with her childhood friend Claire Knowles.  Unfortunately we understand that Claire died aged 40.
In the group photo from left to right (back row then front) we have:
Claire Knowles, Lynne, unknown, Lyn Appleby ?, unknown
John Gozzard, Christopher Knowles, Sue Emberton's brother, Sue Emberton, Susan Appleby ?

Here are a few photos of Lynne and John with 2 portraits of Lynne around age 5-6

Now we switch to Stephen's school photos from age 10, 13, 14 and 15

Lynne found this photo of her Geography Field Trip to Langdale in the Lake District

Here are 2 Newspaper photos from Stephen's time in the Fifth Form at Chase Terrace Comprehensive School.  Unfortunately
the only people in the photo that I can name with any confidence are myself, Keith Box, Steven Thorpe, Edna MacLintock, Stephen Reynolds.
Please let me know if you can name any others.  The second photo is again of the fifth or sixth form but the only character I recognise is the Headmaster
at the centre (left) of the group, Mr Pinnell.

After leaving school, Lynne went to work at Savemore on Sankeys Corner and I worked as a self employed carpenter before joining the RAF.
Here is Lynne with Linda Harvey and my sister Shirley on their trip to Birmingham to buy bridesmaids accessories.
The next is of Lynne with Sue Parrett who she worked with at Savemore.

Now at some time, Lynne and I must have found a vacant photo booth and made the best use of it that we could.

At some point we went on holiday to Sandy Bay in Devon with Stephen's mum and dad.  This was in the summer of 1971 and we do remember
that my Dad received a humungous sunburn on the first day at the beach and spent most of the next week in severe pain.

Stephen joined the RAF in 1971 and made many new friends.  My best friend at that time and indeed later my best man
was a fellow airman called Robert Proctor (Ser No R8097983), seen here looking into the camera on our trip to Glasgow when we went to the Highland games in Donoon.
The second photo was taken in the back garden at 51 The Crescent, Boney Hay, because my mum wanted a nice photo of me in my uniform.

Next is a photo of me as Flight Lieutenant Taylor when my Avionics Flight under Flight Sergeant Stan Standring elected to refurbish the
sports scoreboard for the Adams Sports Centre in Wem.  The scoreboard had originally been purchased from a company but when it broke down
the company were unable to fix it as they lacked any information on how it had been built.  FS Avionics stepped forward and volunteered our services.
We basically had to reverse engineer the board and its circuits and then fix it.  The Sports Centre was so pleased, they invited the local paper to cover
our delivery of the board. 

Now we are catching up with time because here we see Joanne and Scott on their new bikes out in Gutersloh Germany.
Yes they were born to be bikers !!

If you recognise anyone in these photos that I haven't named, then please let me know by e-mail


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