Diving Expeditions - A Way of Life

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When you go diving, it is a total experience and the more exotic the location, the better the diving. Lets now take you through a few of our favourite sites with pictures to prove it.

Red Sea

The Red Sea is probably the best diving area in the world it has fish, coral, wrecks and the clearest water I have ever experienced. First you need a nice hotel to enjoy your stay. Then you jump in the water and start looking around. You share the water with Clown fish, hiding in a Sea Anemone and you see the coral which has taken years to grow. Of course If you happen across a wreck, its worth a visit. You never know when you need to go. Eventually, we come to the surface to see what else is around.

The value of an exotic location is that you can visit far away places and do very new things. In the centre of Cairo stands a monument to Egypt's fallen soldiers and only a few miles up the road still stands a monument thousands of years old. The Sphinx and next to it the pyramids of ancient Egyptian kings.

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Hawaii Diving Expedition

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